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    Indecisive and I need a name, please. (Help!)

    (iI don't know how to make a poll on my phone, so here's my make-do version.)
    Out the follow, which is your favorite?
    Maude Luna Elowen,
    Story Luna Elowen,
    Luna Maude Elowen,
    Luna Story Elowen.

    I'm trying to find a name for a couple that I'm writing about in a story. Though I would prefer Storey to stay my own personal favorite, I found that it might go/match with my couple very well. They're both very fun, stylish/edgy, artsy, hipster-type young couple. And both Elowen and Luna are family/special names to them that need to stay in. Their last name is Timbler.

    Thank you for all the help, Berries!
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    Luna Maude Elowen and Luna Story Elowen I prefer to the other options.
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    I really like Maude Luna Elowen. I think it's a great balance of classic and eclectic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj_bear View Post
    I really like Maude Luna Elowen. I think it's a great balance of classic and eclectic.
    Agree 100% I also like Luna Maude Elowen.

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