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    Names ruined by spouses/family members?

    Sometimes when I share a new name I've found with my husband, he immediately (usually unintentionally) ruins it for me. For example, when I told him I liked the name Duncan, he said, "Like Duncan Hines?" When I mentioned Greer, he said kids in high school would call him "Greer the [derogatory name that rhymes with Greer]." Or when I asked him how he felt about the name Maeve, he told me he thought it sounded like the name of a witch, and now that's all I can think of when I hear the name.

    Anybody else have similar problems??

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    Oh my gosh, my husband does that all the time! I keep telling him we'll never find a name that's not associated with anybody! I'm loving Miranda at the moment, but he thinks it's too associated with the model Miranda Kerr. Family members haven't really "ruined" any of my favourite names, but my cousins have used names I'd have otherwise had on my list, such as:

    Alexa (means Alexandra is definitely out)
    Alison (means Alice is likely out)

    I'm particularly bummed about Beatrice. Beatrix is also unlikely now because it's so similar.
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    I don't think Miranda is too associated with Miranda Kerr, although guys would probably associate it more often than females haha.

    My sister and all of my friends have very different naming styles than I do, and my cousins are all either way older or way younger, so I guess I'm lucky!

    I think that you could totally still use Alexandra, Alice, or Beatrix as middles! My husband has a nephew named Owen, but I was considering Eoin as a middle for a while, which I think would have been fine.

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    @leahmarie512 It is here in Australia I'm afraid

    My sister and mums the name ruiner I love Alice but mum thinks its a grandma name and my sister can't pronounce Eamon correctly she always says it ee-mon not ay-mon but I love Eamon so its staying on my list.
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    I love the name Amos but my partner ruined it for me when she thought I said, "anus" instead of Amos. Yikes.

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