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    What do you think of my current top 5 for each gender?

    Have one daughter named Nora Cathleen. Trying to narrow down my favorites for future sibling(s).

    *Note: There will be repeating middle names as we want to use a family name.

    Girls -

    Margo/Margot Elizabeth (nn Maggie)
    Gwyneth Elise (nn Gwen)
    Sylvie Johanna
    Zoe Annalise
    Carys Johanna (nn Cary)

    [Also considering as first names: Elise, Johanna, Eve, Maeve, Eliza, Mary, Josephine, Brigid, Ivy, Greta]

    Boys -

    Declan James (nn Dex or Deke)
    Gavin James
    Ian James
    Miles Jameson (nn Milo)
    Sebastian James (nn Bash or Seb)

    [Also considering as first names: Lyle, Dean, Ewan, Owen, Leland, Bradley, Ronan, Luca, Simon]
    Mama to Nora.

    Current favorites:
    Declan (Dex). Griffin (Finn). Ewan. Graham. August (Gus). Colin. Ian. Wesley (Wes). Cyrus. Leland (Lee). Rufus.

    Gwyneth (Gwen). Elise. Bronwen (Bonnie). Zoe. Edith (Edie). Piper. Ivy. Josephine (Josie). Margot. Carys. Sylvie. Eve. Iris. Esme. Phoebe (Bee). Kaia.

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