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    Tessa Felicity Jane?

    O.k. I like Tessa, more so Than Teresa. Do you think Tessa can stand alone? Does it sound classic? ( I do not want anything "trendy" sounding) what about this combo: Tessa Felicity Jane?
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    Absolutely it can stand on it's own! I love Tessa. I don't really go for 2 middle names, but this is a great combo!

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    Tessa definitely can stand on its own! I think it sound classic. I like the combo Tessa Felicity Jane

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    I had a student named Tessa... It can definitely stand on its own.

    Tessa Felicity Jane is fabulous! I really like it for you and how it fits with your other children!
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    I love Tessa Felicity Jane! It is classic, but not trendy, and has the perfect flow and meaning.
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