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    Elodie VS Ariella

    I love these two names but I can not make up my mind which one to choose so I am turning to yall for help what does everyone think of them and if you have any suggestions for a middle name for Elodie please don't hesitate I am pretty set on Jaide for Ariella

    Elodie Kate
    Elodie Reese
    Elodie Grace
    Elodie Claire

    Ariella Jaide

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    Elodie is beautiful <3 Also like Ariella. Both beautiful names =]

    Elodie Capri
    Elodie Louise
    Elodie Marie/Maree
    Elodie Mae/May

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    Elodie Brianna
    Elodie Nuala
    Elodie Clarita
    Elodie Iva
    Elodie Merla
    Elodie Noelle
    Elodie Cliora
    Elodie Audra
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