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Thread: Too close?

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    rge- I have just spent the last minute of my life saying Elowen and Rowan every way I can think of... yelling, really fast, slowly, etc. So now that my fiancé thinks I am INSANE, I will say that I don't think they would cause too much confusion. Other than you and your husband, how many people will say their names together?

    I like it. I don't mind matchiness in siblings. Elowen FEELS like a sibling to Rowan... does that make sense?
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    I don't think they're too close. Elowen is very lovely!

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    Okay. Elowen = Cornish word name. It's supposed to be pronounced el-OWE-un or el-LEW-un, more commonly the first one, though I'm hearing it's pronounced EL-oh-wen everywhere now There is no 'when' sound at the end, so, to me, Rowan and Elowen sound near-identical. You could take off the 'R' and the 'El', swap them around and they'd still sound the same. I like the subtle tree connection, but I think they're way too close for siblings. Middle name, perhaps?
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