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    Oh I used to love the name Gwyneth until that insipid, goopster, self-indulgent bore, Gwyneth Paltrow made it impossible for me to even hear the name. Go with Guinevere. So much prettier.
    Haha. I do agree that Guinevere is prettier. But Gwyneth can hopefully be reclaimed!
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    Wow, thanks everyone! Like I said before, I definitely prefer Gwyneth, but prefer the nickname Gwen. I think mostly because that's what's known in the states. It might give her more of a headache if her nickname was Gwyn vs. Gwen. I don't know. We still have time to decide, though.

    As for Gwendolyn/Gwendolen, it's a little too frou frou for me. And I don't find Guinevere attractive at all, sorry! Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't even hit my radar so it doesn't bother me in the least.

    Thanks again, everyone!
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    Gwyneth Elise, for sure. Nora and Gwen is cute as a sibset!

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    My preference is Gwyneth for full version, and while I prefer Elise as a middle (prettier), I like Eloise or Elsie even better.
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    I like the spelling "Gwyneth" spelling. Looks less fussy to me. Plus, I think for most people that would be the most natural way to spell it when they hear the name. I think Gwyneth Elise is lovely (even though I have a feeling that Elise will be the next popular "filler" middle name).

    I love the name Gwyneth even though there is the association with the actress. She's just one person.

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