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    This is sooo embarrassing but...

    I actually just found out that one of the names that was on my "favorites" list is not pronounced the way I thought. Which wouldn't be a problem except I preferred the way I was pronouncing it in my head. Is there a legitimate way to keep the pronunciation my dyslexic mind fell in love with? I am afraid I may have just "made up" a name.

    The name is Aurelie- but I pronounced it are-uh-lie (the last syllable rhyming with "fly")

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    The only thing I can think of is to either spell it Aurelye, which looks weird, or to make it Aureline, which would have a similar sound.
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    Ooh, I like pp's suggestion of Aureline. That sounds really pretty.
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    Just respell it. Aurelei and Aurelai would also get that pronunciation.
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    Hmm, this is tough!
    I'd try to have a similar construction to Lorelei, maybe?
    Orrelie (this could still be said like "orally" though, so maybe not with the -ie ending)

    Having "lie" as the final syllable is challenging for spelling in English.
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