View Poll Results: What should we name Callum Rhys' little sister?

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  • Alice Eleanor

    15 31.91%
  • Eleanor Sylvie

    19 40.43%
  • Sylvie Caroline

    11 23.40%
  • Flora Louise

    18 38.30%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    @indianruby - That's what I was thinking about. I feel like Callum and Alice might often inadvertantly come out as Allum and Calice, which doesn't really sound very nice. LOL
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    Callum Rhys and Flora Louise make a lovely sibset and are by far my favorite out of all your options!
    I think that Flora has the same/similar degree of uniqueness as Callum, and is such a pretty name!!

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    That's so weird that you have Sylvie Caroline as one of your top name combos as its mine too! While I love it, I don't think it goes all that well with Callum Rhys (LOVE this name, by the way!). I really liked Alice Eleanor and Eleanor Sylvie, but I voted for Eleanor Sylvie. Just thinking of styles and if you used the nickname Nora for Eleanor, Nora and Callum sound amazing as siblings!

    Either way though, all great choices! Congrats!
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    I'm not a fan of 'E' names, but I found an Alinore in my database (it's from a medieval English woman), and I like it. Perhaps Alinore Caroline? Or Abigail. I sense you like 'good girl' names, but I really only like Caroline from your list. Louisa is also close and prettier to my ear.

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    I like Eleanor Sylvie a lot! That got my vote. I really like Callum and Eleanor as siblings. Sylvie and Flora are lovely, as well--I just didn't like them quite so much as Eleanor.
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