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    Ann middle name for Colleen

    I'm including a bit of a long-winded back story, so feel free to skip down to the actual question. ;-)

    I've been trying to come up with a middle name for Colleen that honors our family in some way. We have a daughter named Maura Lucille (Lucille after my grandmother) and our next child will either be Patrick (my maiden name would be his middle, as per husband's family tradition) or Brigid Adele (Adele for husband's grandmothers Ada and Helen). If we have a little Paddy, we're probably done having kids. If not, hubby wants to try one more time for a boy. Third time's a charm, I guess? Anyway, I've always liked the name Colleen, even if it is a little dated, and I think it's perfect if we have a 3rd daughter as a result of hubby's quest for a son since it's the Irish word for "girl". The only problem has been coming up with a middle name, but I think I have an idea now!

    My middle name is Suzanne, which is the French form of Susanna, which comes from the Hebrew word for "lily". It's a family name on my father's side, but I've always liked how it ties me to my mother's side of the family too, because it has Ann in it. My mom and all of her sisters have the middle name Ann (creative, I know) and my half-sister's middle name is Ana. So, basically, I was thinking it would be nice to give hypothetical little Colleen an Ann middle name, too.

    Which combo do you like best? Suggestions welcome!

    Colleen Lilyanne (portmanteau of Lily and Anne, since my middle means "lily")
    Colleen Lillian (doesn't really have Ann/Anne in it, but similar)
    Colleen Liliane (French form of Lillian)
    Colleen Lilianne (alternate spelling of Liliane, with more Ann)
    Colleen Annabel (combination of Ann and Bel from my mother's name, Belinda)

    Also, how would you pronounce Liliane and Lilianne? The same as Lillian or like Lily + Anne? I'm really leaning towards one of these since Suzanne, Lucille, and Adele are all French as well. I think I would prefer it to sound like Lily + Anne.

    Also (again), it hasn't escaped my notice that there are a lot of Ls in these names, but I don't think it bothers me. It's not atrocious, is it?

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    Err on the side of caution and when in doubt, just don't. I'd go with Lillian or Annabel which feels like a real name with gravity. All those variations of Lily plus Anne seem invented. I wouldn't get too creative with spelling. The simplest way is often the chicest.

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    But they aren't creative spellings. That's how it's spelled in French.

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    Colleen Annabel sounds the best to me, and I love the whole combination of the "Ann" and the "Bel" that both have meaning to you. The other names are certainly not atrocious, but the surplus of Ls hurts the flow quite a bit. Family connection trumps flow, but with Colleen Annabel it sounds like you'd get both

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    Colleen Lilianne is the one I like best.
    But I really like the idea of these:
    Colleen Isadora
    Colleen Bridget-Anne
    Colleen Emmeline
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    I write poetry.
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