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    Obviously it's far more popular for girls, but it is a tree name and therefore unisex. The -o ending is trendy for boys and the first syllable is Will, so I think it's very usable for a boy. It's really just a matter of whether or not you think your son being mistaken for a girl from time to time is really such a bad thing.
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    I actually love this idea! I think most nature names are unisex. The movie Willow introduced it as a boys' name, albeit in a fantasy setting, and there is the nickname Will, just like William. I think the soft, poetic, dream-like quality is even more pronounced on a boy than on a girl.
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    I dont think nature names are ever truly masculine or feminine. However, Willow is a pretty popular name for girls right now. I definitely think a boy Willow in this day and age would probably get some looks.

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    I love Willow for a boy but never cared for it for girls. There's nothing feminine about it.

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    Yep, sure is.

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