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Thread: Name imagery

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    Oh wow i never heard of synesthesia before, i wish i had it it sounds so much more colourful.

    Im really curious to see what you guys with synesthesia (if you don't mind me asking) feel or see with a name like Freya and March? (yes im shamelessly asking about my top names) i think id find names even more interesting if they had colour and texture.

    i think synesthesia would make reading so very different to my experience.
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    A lot of names remind me of colours. For example:

    Altalune - Pastel blue
    Amadeus - Pastel yellow
    Aradia - Dark pink
    Loki - Dark green
    Nephele - Purple
    Phineas - Orange
    Tecumseh - Light green
    Alice. Marian. Juno. Branwen. Helena. Polly. Ophelia. Rosalind. Cosima. Matilda. Edith. Anna. Claudia. Frances.
    Arthur. Henry. Caspian. Stanley. Justice. Dexter. Edmund. Thomas. Nathaniel. Forest. Oscar. Lucian. Peter.

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    I don't have synesthesia, but am a poet, so all my fave names have an imagery to them.

    Lumi - a crisp crystalline snowy day
    Azure - despite being a word name meaning blue skies, to me it suggests spices, rich velvets, desert landscapes
    Runa - carved stone and rough wool
    Tamsin - fairy tales and dark forests

    Isidor - knights and medieval gallentry
    Luca - sunshine and long Italian meals amidst the grapevines
    Magnus - candlelight and dark water, long boats and sandy shores
    Cormac - a horse riding over moors, ruined castles
    Mum to Mousie, Foo, Bumptious and Pudding.

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    I think I prefer names that are clean. I can appreciate names that are heavier and more romantic, but when I think "I could name my kid that," it's usually a name that's simple, smooth, no frills. I find names like Santiago and Georgiana fun and exciting and they are on the list, but my die-hard favorites are ones like Dean, Clark, Jane, Adrian.

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    I am positively boring in comparison to most of you. Yes names definitely have a "feel" to me. Since childhood, I have had my face in a book. So names, have picked up feel, meaning, history to me. For girls, I love dainty, sweet, historic names. For boys, I like a plethora of styles.

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