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    Jr. Names if you are planning on a large family

    If you named or plan on naming a son after his father (especially if that is a tradition), what if you plan on having more kids? If you end up having another boy wouldn't it that be weird?

    Just thinking out loud. I guess I never really thought about it, maybe because the families I met with a Junior only have one boy.
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    It seems perfectly normal. Most families with a Junior just name the next without a worry.

    Christopher John Jr - brother is Ryan James
    William Thomas Jr - brother is Richard Knox

    I know a family with three generations of Matthews. Jr. and III all have siblings, male and female.

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    If the first son is named after the father, other sons can be named to honor different family members.

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    No. It's not odd at all.
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    Not a big deal. Happens all the time.

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