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    I vote for Adeliah.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I posted a new poll on how to better spell this name.Wondering if you have any ideas?

    Thanks for replying to my post.. wondering if you could give me any suggestions on another one I just entered on the spelling of this name. If you read it you will seem my dilemma. Thanks, Nissa

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    Hey Nissa,
    Honestly, I so prefer Lydia to Adeliah/Atalaya, and the two together are redundant to my ears. Sounds like the Lydia part is non-negotiable, since it's your grandmother's name. But Lydia IS way too close to your daughter Olivia/Livia.

    Any interest in Caroline Lydia (since Atalaya Castle is in South Carolina?) How important is it to you to honor the Adel?

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    Actually its not that important the honoring of my Grandmother Adel as we have already named our son her maiden name, Sawyer. We just both loved that name Atalaya and was trying to work on it and make it a little more easy to pronounce and give it a twist to sound more like Adel. We failed and now we are back to Atalaya pronounced like Maya. Lydia is a name we must use. We were going to call her Katherine Atalaya,we had this name picked out years ago. Things changed after getting pregnant,promising my 90 year old grandmother (my favorite) we would name child after her...well here we are. Trying to still make it work. I think the change in spelling back to original has helped a little after some advice from Nameberries.

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