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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I think the combos would flow better if you separated Adeliah and Lydia. I prefer Lydia as a first name.

    1 Lydia Jane Adeliah
    2 Lydia Maeve Adeliah
    3 Lydia Frances Adeliah
    4 Lydia Katherine Adeliah Maeve
    I agree with Mischa about separated Lydia and Adeliah.

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    I guess I forgot to do that as one of the options. Which middle name would you prefer to break up the names?

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    Now that I know how to pronounce it, I like the sound of Adeliah. But something about the spelling just doesn't look right. I was saying Adele-ee-ya in my head and could not understand why you want it back to back with Lydia. I actually still don't get that part... it's a bit of a tongue twister, with or without the correct pronunciation. Lydia Frances Maeve or Adeliah Katherine Maeve would be so lovely! (aside from the fact that Adeliah will more often than not be mispronounced.)

    Otherwise I agree with Lydia Jane Adeliah as the best.

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    I def agree with separating Lydia and Adeliah. My favorite is Lydia Maeve Adeliah, with Lydia Jane Adeliah in close second place

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    I guess the problem with initially separating the names was that Adeliah (still working on spelling sadly) would be the second middle name. We plan on calling her this name. My husband already calls her (Ad eh lye ah) ...Adeliah. Lydia is my maternal Grandmothers name, she is almost 90 and is thrilled I am naming a little girl after her. She is very dear to me and this is important and that name is set. The problem is one of my daughter is Olivia which we call Livia so Lydia is too close a name to call her. I also want an unusual name to call her by and we happen to love this other name so we are trying to pair it together so that it flows well.

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