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    These are simple classics that I don't think will ever feel truly dated. They may be more popular than you think though since they don't spike and drop as much as many names, so she'll meet a steady amount throughout her life, though not all in her age group.

    These I see as currently peaking, they are nice names but they may be associated with this decade in 30 years. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    These I see as having peaked in the last decade and probably headed down. I've met quite a few all in the 8-15 age range.

    These I see as having peaked 20 or 30 years ago, they are usable names but might feel a tad dated

    These I see as on the fringes of the other groups. Straddling classic and peaking trends

    My favorites from your list are Audrey, Elizabeth and Penelope. I love Gwen, but Gwyneth is just too many consonants for me, I prefer Gwendolen. I also prefer Susannah to Hannah as I think it's more flexible and spunky.
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    All great names for the most part (at the bottom for me personally are Veronica, Serena, and Gabrielle).

    Charlotte and Madeline (both of which I love) have been on-trend for quite a while and are very popular. I think the fresher on-trend names are Audrey and Camille.

    My two favorites are Audrey and Hannah, and I'm recently loving/considering the combo Audrey Hannah.

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    Thank you so much for the feedback! We are just lost and the date is quickly approaching :-)

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    I absolutely LOVE every single one of your names. We have very similar tastes it seems. My absolute favourite name from your list is Audrey. It's classic, feminine, sophisticated. Makes me think of Audrey Hepburn. Very lovely name. If you wanted something less common, then I would choose Camille or Gwyneth. They aren't as popular as the other names on your list.

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    Audrey -I love this, very classic. To spice it up a little more you could also use Adrianna.
    Camille -unexpected but lovely.
    Natalie -Outdated, NMS.
    Gabrielle -I prefer Gabriella. But this is OK.
    Madeline -cute.
    Charlotte -nice.. potential for the nickname Charlie.
    Penelope -very sweet.
    Rose -would prefer this as a middle name.
    Veronica -don't like this.
    Hannah -cute.
    Gwyneth -don't care for this.
    Serena -nice.
    Catherine -too outdated.
    Elizabeth -outdated, but why not try Libby as a full name alternative.

    *overall my favorites are Penelope or Madeline Good Luck

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