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    DH: Garret Ezekial Grey (43)
    Tall with a solid, muscular build. Sandy-blonde hair, light blue eyes.
    Out-going and always in a good mood. Makes the best of any situation. Works as a real estate agent.

    DW: Isobel Margaret Grey - Izzy (44)
    Petite and athletic. She has long, wavy black hair and green eyes.
    Somewhat introverted, she gets along better with animals than people - excluding her beloved family of course.
    Owns her own veterinarian practice.

    DS: Jonah Eli Grey (17)
    Tall and thin. Curly, dark brown hair and green/blue eyes.
    Quietly charismatic. He enjoys skateboarding and drawing. Favorite class is math.

    DS: Cooper Henley Grey (15)
    Fraternal twin to Graham. Messy blonde hair and green eyes.
    He is quiet and easy-going, preferring to follow than lead. Favorite class is math.

    DS: Graham Elliot Grey (15)
    Fraternal twin to Cooper. Dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes.
    He is quite athletic and loves dirt biking and playing drums. Favorite class is gym.

    DS: Hugo Phineas Grey (12)
    Messy blonde hair and icy blue eyes.
    He is very inquisitive and loves hanging out with his older brothers, particularly Jonah.
    Favorite class is science.

    DS: Galen Winter Grey (11)
    Slight build, dark brown hair with blue eyes.
    Quiet and introverted, he often is the subject of his older brothers teasing. He loves spending time with the animals at mom's vet practice.
    Favorite class is reading and English.

    DS: Maxim Garret Grey - Max (10)
    Curly dirty-blonde hair. He has heterochromia - one brown eye, one dark blue.
    He is very outgoing and somewhat of a trouble maker. Favorite class is gym.

    DS: Jasper Ellery Grey (6)
    Triplet. Black hair, very fair skin and light blue eyes.
    He is the oldest and most outgoing and hyper-active of his brothers.

    DS: August Leopold Grey (6)
    Triplet. Dark brown hair and light blue eyes.
    He is very sensitive and intuitive. Loves spending time with animals.

    DS: Ian Oliver Grey (6)
    Triplet. Black hair, fair skin and green eyes.
    He is the youngest of his triplet brothers. Very smart and inquisitive, he loves reading.

    DD: Lucia Josephine Grey (3)
    A rosy-cheeked little girl with curly black hair and sparkling blue eyes.
    A happy-go-lucky toddler, rarely in a bad mood. She loves hanging out with her brothers.

    Garret and Izzy with their kids -
    Jonah, Cooper, Graham, Hugo, Galen, Max, Jasper, August, Ian and Lucia.
    The two family dogs - Lyric and Draco.


    [formerly nj003]

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