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    Cruise/Cruz Harrison
    Alexander Harrison
    Jack Harrison
    Zachary Harrison
    Josiah Harrison
    Timothy Harrison
    Joel Harrison
    Tage Harrison
    Neil Harrison
    Denzel Harrison
    Damon Harrison

    (I think the reason that you can't settle on Miles is that with Harrison it is too 's' heavy.

    Psalm 23

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    Thank you for all the suggestions!

    I think you're right on Miles Harrison being too 's' heavy. I kind of like the Milo suggestion as a variation of that so I'll suggest it to my husband. Our last name end with an 'i' sound, if that helps.

    I really like Everett, Dermot, Booker, Keats, Archer and Cruise/Cruz. Is Rhys pronounced like Reese? I also really like Damon, but does it work with Harrison because of the 'on' endings?

    Thanks again for the suggestions. Any more would be great!

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    husband approved list::
    Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Evangeline | Gwyneth | Delilah | Thea | Maren | Cambria | Tesla
    Jude | Nolan | Brody | Asher | Griffin | Nathan | Oliver | Calvin | Simon | Penn | Drake

    other favorites::
    Aviva | Shea | Bridget | Rosalind | Zora | Geneva | Cordelia | Betsy | Elena 'Lainey' | Evadne | Teagan | Faye
    Lars | Otis | Rhett | Kieran | Teague | Neil | Evander | Quinn | Abram | Eamon | Gideon | Ari | River

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    Quote Originally Posted by caonodle View Post
    Thank you for all the suggestions!

    I also really like Damon, but does it work with Harrison because of the 'on' endings?
    You have a point, so if you want the best flow it won't work perfectly, if however, you fall in love with it then go for it!

    Psalm 23

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    A friend of mine has a Sidney Harrison and I just love his name! Just turned two and they call him "Sid".
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