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    4th of July Picnic


    Every summer, five friends who graduated together in high school gather together on the Fourth of July to have a picnic with their families. It's been 20 years since their graduation. What are their families like now?

    What genders are the friends?
    Heads: Male, Tails: Female

    FRIEND 1 has had 3 kids with his/her spouse. What gender are they?
    Heads: Male, Tails: Female


    FRIEND 2 and his/her spouse were not able to conceive their own children. They decided to adopt as an alternative.

    How many children have they adopted? (Add 2 to the number you roll).

    What gender is each child? (Roll for each child). Even: Girl, Odd: Boy

    Where is each child adopted from? (Roll for each child).
    1. Ethiopia
    2. China
    3. Honduras
    4. United States
    5. Russia
    6. India


    FRIEND 3 has been married twice.

    How many kids did he/she have in the the first marriage?

    What genders were they? (Roll for each child). Odd: Boy, Even: Girl

    His/her current spouse also had kids in his/her previous marriage. How many kids did his/her spouse have in the previous marriage? (Roll dice again and repeat procedure to determine genders).

    The couple is also expecting a baby soon.

    What gender will the baby be?

    Heads: Boy, Tails: Girl


    FRIEND 4 and his/her spouse had 3 sets of multiples!

    How many/what genders?
    1. DD/DD
    2. DS/DS
    3. DS/DD
    4. DS/DS/DS
    5. DD/DD/DD
    6. DS/DD/DS/DD


    FRIEND 5 and his/her spouse had five children all of the same gender.

    Which gender?
    Heads: Boys, Tails: Girls


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    Janessa Mae Morrie and her husband Franz Edric Morrie have a son, Bennett Micah Morrie and twin girls Hyacinth Jude and Mabel Jazz Morrie. Benny is 12 and the girls are 8

    Gracin Kessler Teague and his wife Lillia Paige Teague
    They have adopted 4 boys - Maksim Xander, Noble Yardley, Oxford Zane, and Preston August Teague who are 4, 6, 9 and 10
    Mak is from China, Noble and Preston are Russian and Ox is from Texas.

    Gwen Bailey Brooks has a daughter - Penelope Rowan, who's 8 - from her first marriage. Her husband Jameson Lee Brooks also had two sons from his last marriage - Gunnar Brady and Harlan Blaze who are 13 and 9. The two are now expecting a girl who they'll name Amelie Roux.

    Dallas Willem Schuyler and his wife Sienna Yasmin Schuyler have a set of twin girls who are 11 - Cosette Jane and Claire Jensen - they have a set of triplet boys who are 7 - Corbin Justice, Cole Jeremiah, and Cason Jagger, and they have a set of boy girl twins who are 4 named Calla Jasmine and Casey Jay.

    Esme Raven Halliday and her wife Ivy Cassia Clay have five girls. Kinsey Lucille is 10, Freya Tatum is 8, Glory Noelle is 5, Dessa Ambry is 3 and they've just had a baby girl named Quincee Shay

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    Allyson Anne Mabry married Joshua Kyle Wilson. They have 3 kids named: Kyle Joshua, Anya Allyson, & Avery Kent. Kyle is 10, Anya is 6, and Avery is 2.

    Colt Russell Bennett married Dexter Raine Northcutt. They have 4 children, they are named Ishan Russell, Kimber Raine, Cody Bennett, & Anastasia Denise. Ishan is 11 and is from India, Kimber is 10 and is from China, Cody is 7 and is from Florida, & Ana is 3 and from is Russia.

    Brayden Douglas Smythe has 3 kids from his first marriage; Leia Grace 9, Layton Gregory 8, & Lora Gabrielle 6. He married BriAnna Claire Hunter who has 2 kids from her first marriage; Sierra Nevada 8 and Dallas Austin 6. Brayden and BriAnna are expecting their first child together, a girl, who will be named Bekka Nikole.

    Sierra Nicole Marshall married Ryan Lee Cavanaugh. They 7 children total. Their oldest 3 are Allison Joyce, Brittany Jolene, & Cheyenne Joyce who are 10 years old. Then they have the twins Matthew James & Marshall Johnson who are 7 years old. They rounded out their family with their twin daughters named Rebecca Jordan & Savannah Jane who are 2.

    Lisa Ann McCall married Dean Wesley Coolidge. They 5 boys and they are named Tate Alan, Joel Wesley, Ryan Mitchell, Zane David , & Noah McCall. Tate is 10, Joel is 7, Ryan is 5, Zane is 2, and Noah is 6 months.

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    FRIEND 1 (38): Abigail Dallas "Abby" (Reynolds) Palmer
    DH (41): Joseph Blaise "Joey" Palmer
    ds (13): Oliver Nicholas Palmer
    ds (10): Clark Benjamin Palmer
    ds (7): Nathan Matthew Palmer

    The Palmer Family
    Abby, Joey, Oliver, Clark, & Nathan


    FRIEND 2 (38): Isaac Lee Shelton
    DW (35): Victoria Elizabeth "Tori" Shelton
    dd (India) (6): Julia Violet Shelton
    dd (India) (5): Hannah Genevieve Shelton
    dd (India) (4): Rebecca Payton Shelton
    ds (China) (2): Austin Elijah Shelton
    ds (China) (1): Dalton Alexander Shelton

    The Shelton Family
    Isaac, Tori, Julia, Hannah, Rebecca, Austin, & Dalton


    FRIEND 3 (38): Edmund Ross "Ed" Barrett
    DW (35): Anya Margot Bowen-Barrett
    dd (12): Lola Harper Bowen
    dd (12): Sydney Grace Barrett
    dd (11): Kelly Sage Bowen
    ds (10): Evan Reese Barrett
    dd (8): Emma Katherine "Emma Kate" Barrett
    dd (expecting): Erin Kennedy Bowen-Barrett

    The Bowen-Barrett Family
    Ed, Anya, Lola, Sydney, Kelly, Evan, Emma Kate, & Erin


    FRIEND 4 (38): Amelia Naomi "Mia" (Hubbard) Burgess
    DH (41): Eric Raphael Burgess
    ds/dd/ds/dd (12): Luke Wyatt Burgess/Stella Charlotte Burgess/Finn Kingston Burgess/Piper Adele Burgess
    ds/ds (7): Daniel Brady Burgess/John Henry Burgess
    ds/ds/ds (1): Andrew Drake "Drew" Burgess/Michael Maddox Burgess/Preston James Burgess

    The Burgess Family
    Eric, Mia, Luke, Stella, Finn, Piper, Daniel, John Henry, Drew, Michael, & Preston


    FRIEND 5 (38): Maxwell Clayton "Max" Chandler
    DW (38): Courtney Isabelle Chandler
    dd (13): Sarah Presley Chandler
    dd (11): Avery Madeleine Chandler
    dd (10): McKenna Verity Chandler
    dd (8): Aubrey Lucille Chandler
    dd (6): Felicity Gwendolyn Chandler

    The Chandler Family
    Max, Courtney, Sarah Presley, Avery, McKenna, Aubrey, & Felicity

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    Hope Elizabeth (38) met husband Christian Seth (40) while she was on vacation in London. Hope was squished up right next to Christian in the London eye ride and instead of awkwardly standing there in silence, Christian asked her about the weather anended the conversation with a date that night. Hope decided to go, and knows it was the best decision of her life. They went on a couple dates afterwards and both knew they had finally found the right person for them. The two married as soon as possible and together they have three kids: Sophia Grace (15), Grayson Thomas (12), and Chase Micah (7).

    Delilah Mae (39) met her husband Augustus Blaze (39) while she was gambling in Vegas. Augustus spotted Delilah from across the room and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. They married that night in Vegas and now have adopted 4 boys together. They are Sawyer Zane (12), Stone David (9), Scout Matthew (8), and Steel Mitchell (5). Sawyer and Scour are both from India, while Stone is from Ethiopia, and Steel from Russia.

    Charlotte Bree (39) had three kids with her first husband, Sebastian Michael (37). They are Adelaide Leigh (14), Theodore Isaiah (13), and Emmeline Kate (11). After Charlotte divorced, she was depressed and desperate for some fun in her life. She took her three kids on a cruise to Mexico, where she met her now husband Jonah. They met at the buffet when Jonah said "if you were a vegetable, you'd be a CUTEcumber" and Charlotte couldn't stop laughing. They ate dinner together that night, then danced the night away and quickly fell in love. Charlotte then married Jonah Alexander (40). Jonah has one daughter, Genevieve Iris (13) from a previous marriage. Charlotte and Jonah are expecting their first child together, Cordelia Rain, in February.

    Hazel Brooke (37) met Liam Wyatt (38) back in high school. She was the popular girl and he was the captain of the basketball team. They dated in junior year, but cut ties in college when they couldn't handle a long distance relationship. A few years after graduation they met at a friends wedding and have been inseparable ever since. They are no married and have 3 set of multiples together! The first set is Beckett James, Asher Reese, and Finn Kingsley (10). Next is Luca Daniel, Clara Sue, Kai Maxwell, and Madison Rose (7). Lastly, the two had twins Ezra Jonathan and Elliott Reed (4).

    Estelle Blair (38) met husband Emmett Andrew (41) one night while clubbing with some friends. Estelle danced all night long with Emmett. When Estelle woke up the next day, she couldn't Emmett's face out of her head, and to her delight found his number written on a slip of paper in her purse. They've been together ever since that night and couldn't be happier. They married years late and now have 5 girls together: Gemma Snow (13), Amber June (11), Opal Marie (8), Pearl Alice (4), and Crystal Dawn (18 months).

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