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    Hypothetical Sister for this Hypothetical Brother Set?

    So it's been a while since I posted.

    My husband and I have still been thinking about names for future children, and our ideas have come a long way. I'm not pregnant, but I hope to be soon, and it's really fun to think about names and the children who will some day wear them.

    We feel pretty good about our boy's list. It combines family names with personal favorites in a way that just hasn't seemed possible with a girl's list. Girl names are harder.

    We've pretty much decided that if our first child is a son his name will be Eldridge. It's a family name for DH and has been at the very top of his list since we first started the name discussion. I keep going back and forth with it, but I really think it is starting to grow on me... especially since he agreed to naming a second son Hiram. We haven't completely decided on middle names yet, but we have a few ideas.

    Son 1: Eldridge Roland Tobias (one syllable last name)
    Son 2: Hiram David Samuel

    (A third brother could be Otis)

    What names would you give to sisters of these boys? Combos are great, but first name suggestions work well, too. Thanks.
    Expecting #1 November 2015.
    It's a boy! Baby E.C.M.B.

    Potential future siblings:
    Roland York | Shepard Jack | Otis Reid | George Ezra
    Ailis Matilda | Bonnie Louise | Greta Hermione | Siobhan Frances

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