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    Middle Names for Guinevere

    So in my last post, someone suggested Guinevere - and my husband and I have since fallen in love with it. I am 99.9% certain it is our girl name, and knock on wood our 2013 baby will be a girl so I can use the name! However, I cannot think of just the right middle name.

    To me, Guinevere feels very much like a medieval tapestry - rich, dark, gilded - I think of deep greens and golds especially. I feel like we need a lighter and sweeter middle name to balance it out, perhaps?

    I tend to like nature/floral names (as well as Gaelic-y names, though I feel Guinevere is close enough on its own), but I am open to any and all suggestions, since I don't know where to start. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Guinevere Lake
    Guinevere Mae
    Guinevere Ivy
    Guinevere June
    Guinevere Fern
    Guinevere Rose

    I don't feel like any of these are perfect yet, but I think you will find it. Guinevere is great. I think a short middle is better since Guinevere is QUITE weighty.
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    I agree completely on a short middle name. Thank you for the suggestions! I've ALWAYS loved Fern quite a lot, but my husband thinks it's too blah. Sad. I'm going to have to mull some of these over.

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    Good luck,

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    For some reason Lacey is the first name that came to mind...Guinevere Lacey. I love the suggestions of Lake and Rose! If you're looking for something a little more playful, but still evoking nature and rich colours (at least for me), Guinevere Maple might work!

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