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    Kylee, Married to Jarrett
    Mama to Bodhi Jameson

    Clementine Ruby | Scarlett Bellamy | Piper Lorelei
    Phoebe | Tallulah | Sophie | Lula | Ada | Violet | Scout

    Milo Grayson | Rowan Ansel | Wilder Theo
    Arlo | Jude | Oakley | River | Abel | Jack | Rafferty

    For my FULL name list, go here :

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    Simeon or Gideon?
    Gideon or Gable?
    Malachi or Mordecai?
    Hugh or Hugo?
    Cobalt or Roan?
    Will or Shale?

    Willa or Della?
    Willa or Willow?
    Adelaide or Adeline?
    Lilac or Lark?
    Fern or Wren?
    Moriah or Sarai?
    Melora or Moriah?
    Marilla or Marcella?
    Cadence or Carys?
    Ruby or Pearl?
    Delaney or Connelly?
    Eliora or Eleni (prn. Ah-LAY-knee)?
    Annika or Azalea?
    Verity or Vivienne?
    Eliza or Elsa?

    Girls/boys (The name on the left I would use for a girl, the name on the right I would use for a boy. I just couldn't use both.):
    Hazel or Gable?
    Ruby or Reuben?
    Cadence or Kenyon?

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    Wow, thank you all for the feedback so far! This is extremely helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by jillypad View Post
    Delaney or Connelly? Connelly is so refreshing! The NN Nelly would be sweet, Connie is super dated.[/SIZE]
    Yay! It's exciting to find someone who likes Connelly! I was surprised that I liked it as it is not really my style, but I just love the way the name rolls off one's tongue and that it is a unique way to get to the sweet nickname Nelly. I agree with you about Connie, Nelly would definitely be her nickname!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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