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    I totally agree!! I really love this new feature!
    17 year old name lover!

    Evelyn, Josephine, Dinah, Evangeline, Tara, Daisy, Louise, Cosette, Elodie, Rose
    Eli, Elliot, Jacoby, Thomas, Vincent, Joseph, Calvin, Daniel, Nathan, Tobias

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    Planet Earth
    It is fun!

    Under the name Candy, it says '75% of Berries prefer Candy to Popcorn'. Popcorn isn't listed as a name: is this a glitch?

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    I agree! I love voting on the names!

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    I just now discovered this myself! It seems to be stuck on a particular set of names each day. Two days ago no matter what names I started with, I was then asked for Malachi vs Malachy, no matter how many times I hit more. Yesterday it was Evangeline vs Angelina, and today it is Leia vs Zelda. Every time I hit more, no matter where I start...

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