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    Cool What do you think of these vintage/old names?

    Genevieve. 'Evie'.
    Agatha. 'Hattie' or 'Gatzby'.

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    Godric is interesting, very Harry Potter. I prefer Cedric or Godfry.
    Genevieve is pretty and Evie is trending.
    Agatha is quite dusty/mauve coloured, but I like it. Reminds me of a jewelry store.
    Hattie is a bit trendy, but fine and Gatzby is overblown trendy with the movie just out.

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

    In loving memory of Margot

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    Love Genevieve, would use "Neve" as a nickname but DH would insist on the name is probably out for us as I don't like common names or nicknames. I like Hattie, but not Agatha. Not big on Godric but I don't hate it, either. And Gatzby makes me think of the novel, which I never liked nor understood the I'm not so hot on that one, either.

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    Godric - he would be mercilessly teased. With most names is not much of a concern, but this one is (as with any name containing God- or Gay-) Otherwise it's a very nice name in a medieval way.

    Genevieve - Oh, I love this name! I can't stand it with the nickname Jenny, but Evie is great.

    Agatha - I like this name a lot, but not with the nicknames you've chosen.
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