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  • Malachi

    27 58.70%
  • Matthew

    19 41.30%
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    Malachi or Matthew?

    I love both. Which one do you like the best?
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Definitely Matthew. Never been a fan of Malachi as it just makes me think of Children of the Corn.

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    I love Malachi. It's another one of those names my husband just refuses to even acknowledge so I love seeing them on other people/children.
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    Malachi is gorgeous and distinctive. Matthew is...fine.

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    While Matthew, is great...and will forever be a strong masculine name. I prefer Malachi.
    The name Malachi mean "Messenger of God" which makes me like it even more! I love name meanings. can give the nickname "Kai", "Ky" or however you choose to spell it.

    (Matthew name meaning is "Gift a God" another great choice. However, I am more partial to Mateusz. (Maybe, just for family significance?)

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