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    Oh my goodness, Pyrus is a chunk!

    I really like Goldenrod Sylvie, Goldenrod Lenore, and Goldenrod Leonie.
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    I saw the picture and honest to god SQUEALED. They are perfection. I love, love their names. Juniper and Pyrus! Perfection.

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    I actually like Goldenrod, but maybe using it as a middle would be easier.

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    I agree that Sylvie is nice because Goldenrod is long, but I think Goldenrod Leonie is pretty!

    I think Goldenrod is great to honor your family, and Goldenrod works nicely especially with big sister Juniper. Not sure what you call her, but Junie and Goldie are way cute (and of course brother, too).

    I'd absolutely eliminate Aurelia, as the two "gold" names is a little much.

    What about Goldenrod Mary or Goldenrod May or Goldenrod Molly or Goldenrod Maren or Goldenrod Maris? Miep is a Mary variant, and so are the above, so you could doubly honor your relative.
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    That's such a sweet story so I see why you want to use the name! I'd call her Goldie unless you're planning on calling her by her middle name. I really like Sylvie.
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