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View Poll Results: Brother for Arden and Leith Sullivan (both girls)?

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  • Lane

    5 29.41%
  • Ryder

    4 23.53%
  • Weston

    4 23.53%
  • Stewart

    4 23.53%
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    Okay, this is the last one, I promise...

    I know this is about my third thread here aboutthe same old story, but I promise I'll shut it after this one...humor me?

    So I have most of my names finalized now -

    Protagonist - Arden Sullivan
    Main supporting characters - Stephen Hall, Freya Schrodinger (thanks, guys )

    Siblings - this is wherethe problem is. Arden had two siblings - they're fraternal twins, one year older than her. The girl is named Leith. I dunno what to call the boy - I have a shortlist, but I can't narrow it down any further. It goes like this (in no particualr order) -


    Some help?
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    Definately Lane! Leith & Lane are perfect twins. It couldn't be anything else!

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    I don't usually like same initials for siblings (even twins) but I think Leith and Lane are different enough to use for your characters.
    All the best,

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    From your list I'd pick Stewart but then I thought about a Scottish town/city name connection.

    Leith and Sterling?

    Jory Leander Atticus, August Eli Benedict, Casimir Mordecai Stewart,
    Edmond John Meirion, Horatio Ethell Emery, Bram William Jasper,
    Julian Remy Charles, Vasiliy Lochlan Michael.


    Aira Rose ___, Eleni Fiorella Charlotte, Sylvia Sayuri Noor,
    Merit Eleanora Adelaide, Clover Elodie Seraphine, Bridie Scarlett Viola,
    Marguerite Cecilia Iris, Eilidh Clara Valentine.

    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    As a sibset, I like Weston, Leith, and Ardon. Lane would be confusing to me, Ryder doesn't fit the style, and Stewart is too normal/inelegant.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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