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    Namebank/Chance CAF

    LN: a color name, an occupational name or it starts with G

    DH: Tatum, Rohan, Roland, Sage, Harvey, Foster, Gage, Valentine, David, Alexander
    DW: Your choice

    If you were born in....
    Winter... You have 2 births
    Spring... You have 4 births
    Summer... You have 3 births
    Autumn... You have 1 or 2 birth (s)

    Birth #1: If your eyes are...
    Blue : gender is your chojce
    Boy: Gregory, Thatcher, Thackery, Raymond, Wiliiam, Davis, Elias, Phineas, Walden, Max
    Girl: Tess, Tessa, Genevieve, Talia, Simone, Hannah, Quinn, Francesca, Xanthe, Ursula, Juniper
    Brown: a girl
    First: Ingrid, Isabella, Ianthe, Inca, Inez, Illiana, Ithaca, Iris, Imogen, Imelda
    MN: Your choice
    Green: a boy
    Hadrian, Michael, Felix, Cade, Cain, Alistair, Xavier, Willard, Cyan, Isaac, Nathaniel
    Other: Boy/girl twins
    First name: unisex
    Middle name: Leonidas, Valentine, Zacharias, Apollo, Roderick, Maverick, Finch, Jupiter / Seraphina, Delilah, Geraldine, Sloane, Astrid, Celestia, Penny

    Birth #2: A boy
    If it's...
    First name: Asa, Ezra, Avery, Julian, Gavin, Lane, Noah, Connor
    Middle: Matthew, Nicholas, Benjamin, Peter, Theodore
    Morning: Abraxas, August, Bartholomew, Elliot, Gideon, Horatio, Ignatius, Julian
    Noon: Channing, Tobias, Talon, Jensen, Rhett, Beckham, Reese, Clark
    First: Starts with G
    Middle: Victor, Vladimir, Vincent, Vance, Vesper, Viggo, Vaughn, Vulcan
    First: Percival, Thor, Ajax, Zephyr, Zeus, Achilles, Hermes, Poseidon, Hector, Mercury, Odin
    Middle: Your choice

    Birth #3: a girl
    If your birthday is on...
    First: Libra, Nova, Vega, Selena, Cressida, Io, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Ariel
    Middle: Starts with M
    First: Isadora, Rose, Magdalena, Lucinda, Ramona, Anastasia, Antonia, Paloma, Melisande
    Middle: Hermione, Olive, Jane, Aurora, Juno, Catherine, Eve
    18-24: Acantha, Amethyst, Rowena, Wednesday, Crimson, Drusilla, Indigo, Lilith, Phaedra, Rue, Nyx, Tempest
    First: Zoe, Mia, Nia, Mae, Gray, Lux, Joy, Eve, Eva, Ava, Bay, Thea, Cate
    Middle: a flower name

    Birth #4: TWINS
    Your favorite color among these is...
    Yellow or Orange: G/B
    First names for girl: Abbott, Adair, Allegra, Ivy, Ottoline, Oriana, Eulalia, Esme, Olympia
    First names for boy: Aaron, Ulysses, Otto, Ebenezer, Asher, Emmett, Oak, Ashton, Elliot
    Middles for both: Start with H
    Blue, Pink, or Red: B/your choice
    First child (boy) first names: Donovan, Seamus, Aiden, Killian, Malachy, Breccan, Brody, Keegan
    Second child (your choice) first names:
    Boy: Finley, Finnigan, Faolán, Farrell, Fergus, Finbar, Flanagan
    OR Girl: Finley, Fiona, Fallon, Niamh, Aisling, Clara, Ciara, Roisin, Tara
    Middles for both: Start with S for one, E for the other
    (ie. Aiden Edward & Tara Serene)
    Purple or Green: G/G
    First names: Astoria, Aurelia, Isla, Leona, Phoebe, Rosalind, Rowena, Saskia, Wilhelmina, Gwendolyn
    Middle names: Your Choice

    List your family, and feel free to add whatever details you'd like
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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