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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    Jack Andrew. Andrew Jack and Jackson Andrew are too close to 7th President Andrew Jackson's name.
    I agree that Jack Andrew is nicer than both choices.

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    I like Jackson Andrew. The similarity to Andrew Jackson's name doesn't bother me. You're going to get that regardless of how you arrange the names.
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    I have an aversion to the Andrew Jackson association....not one of our finest presidents, IMO. Andrew Jack is maybe the best in that light, staying farther from the Jackson...also, Jack and Jackson are more popular than Andrew these days. And I love the nn Drew.

    or, James Daniel?

    btw, I do smile that the uncle's name is Jack Daniel!

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    Andrew Jack. You don't meet to many little boys named Andrew
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    Another vote for James Daniel or Andrew James. I don't like any of the Jack/Andrew combos.
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