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Thread: Spotting

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    Thanks Guys! Cvdutch- I don't know if I'm pregnant, so I am not concerned about anything like that quite yet! I have not even technically missed my period! So I am more concerned about implantation bleeding and the like rather than early pregnancy bleeding! Thank you for sharing though. If I knew I was pregnant and it continued I would definitley be freaked! This is just anxiety over weather I am pregnant or not! Still nothin more. Just that little bit of pinkish stuff, like the start of my period, but it hasn't started! So strange!

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    Ahh ok, that's actually a relief then because I always worry a little when someone starts spotting. Are you hoping to be pregnant or hoping to not be?

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    Secretly hoping to be, although we definitely have not been planning for a baby this soon! But we would both be thrilled (stressed, but thrilled!

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    I had this happen for the first time ever 2 months ago. It was a light pinkish brown spot when I wiped and then went away, and it was definitely around the time implantation could of happened. So, I freaked out and bought 3 tests from the dollar store. I took one right away, negative. I waited another 2 days and tested again, negative. I waited until I was 2 days late for my period and tested again, still negative. My period came a day or two later. I sincerely thought I was pregnant, and so did my husband. I'm pretty convinced it was a chemical pregnancy or something.
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    I don't remember any spotting with my last pregnancy. I did have spotting a few days ago (I'm on day 29 of my cycle now) and it was also mixed with cervical fluid (lovely, I know). We are TTC so I am hoping it was an implantation bleed but who knows? I'd be curious to know if yours turns out to be a BFP!
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