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Thread: Wee one arrived

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    Beautiful! Congrats

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    Sylvia and Marilla are both mind-bogglingly gorgeous! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations. I agree with everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjpau View Post
    Hello everyone,

    We're happy to announce that Sylvia Blythe was born on the 22nd June. Little sister to Marilla Susan. All doing wonderfully. Thanks for helping us narrow down our names list, we had a great short list but she is a Sylvia

    Blythe and Marilla!! Have you read Anne of Green Gables? So lovely!
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    @ kristinjade - That was my question too, but really.... who could name their children these (esp Marilla) without reading Anne of Green Gables??

    I know this announcement is for Sylvia, but forgive me, I can't get over Marilla Susan. Sigh. Totally name-crushing right now.
    I ADORE (and I mean really adore) Susan or Susannah/Susanna/Susana/Susa as middle names!!!

    Congratulations on both your beautifully-named little girls <3
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