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    Little sister name for Makena?

    It took us a long time to decide on Makena, and we love that it has a great positive meaning (filled with happiness) and isn't too popular. Now we're expecting another girl and trying to find an equally awesome name. Preferably that doesn't start with M, K, or P. Thanks!!

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    What style of name do you like? Would you like to honor any family members? Any names that you love, but can't use? (Just to get an idea of what you like )

    Lee, blackbird.

    Aleka . Audrey . Cass . Chloe . Etta . India . Marian . Margot . Miranda . Molly . Natalie . Rosi . Samantha . Stephanie
    Christopher . Dylan . Henry . James . Julian . Levi . Paul . River . Vern . William

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    I'd love the idea of picking another feminine sounding surname. I think Leighton is my personal favorite with Makena.

    Makena & Harper
    Makena & Collins
    Makena & Leighton (Lay-ton)
    Makena & Campbell
    Makena & Ellison
    Makena & Henley
    Makena & Adair

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    Hmm, great questions! I'm not sure what style I like, what is Makena considered? No family member names to honor. I love the name Abigail but being a two-mom family we thought it would be cruel to name a child something that means "source of a father's joy."

    Most important for me is meaning, I liked Cameron until I realized it means crooked nose. We'd like a name that isn't too popular that there will be 3 in the same class, but isn't too unique that it's hard to pronounce or spell.

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    To me, at least, Makena has a more modern/trendy feel. It's got a bit of a surname vibe because of Mckenna.


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