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  • Rosemary Sophia

    10 38.46%
  • Rosemary Ireland

    1 3.85%
  • Rosemary Eire/Rosemary Erin

    2 7.69%
  • Rosemary Theresa

    2 7.69%
  • Rosemary Grace

    2 7.69%
  • Rosemary Cecelia

    8 30.77%
  • Rosemary Madeleine

    1 3.85%
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    WDYT of Rosemary + Middle names?

    What do you think of the name Rosemary? It's a family name (my granny's name, also my middle name) but besides that I've alwaaaaaaaaays loved Rose/Rosie as a nickname and the image it conjures.

    Middle name choices are varied at this point:

    Rosemary Sophia

    (Sophia is a family name for my husband, his great grandmother who helped to raise him was named Sophia but it's too popular and I work in a preschool so I have at least 3 close associations with this name that make it unusable as a first name. However, I do love it in a middle name spot).

    Rosemary Madeleine

    (Madeleine is my great grandma who instilled in me a love of books. I love this name but DH doesn't love it, he 'likes' it enough to be in a middle name spot but he doesn't know if he likes it enough for a first name)

    Rosemary Theresa

    (Theresa's a name I've always loved. Catholic saint is an added bonus. No family connotation but I love it.)

    Rosemary Cecelia

    (Cecelia is basically the same as Theresa. Love the elegance of this name, the sound of it. Catholic saint)

    Rosemary Ireland

    (Ireland is totally a guilty pleasure name for me, I love it. Husband hatessss it and refuses to even consider it as a first name. Eire or Erin are other options that honor it.)

    Rosemary Grace

    (Always loved the name Grace. There's no other connection really and it feels kinda like a filler name. Not to mention I love Grace as a first name but I love it with Rosemary I think it sounds beautiful.)
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    I love Rosemary. And I voted too soon.

    Reading through the options, I love the sound of Rosemary Grace...I don't really care if a middle name is classified as filler, if you love it that's all that matters and it does sound lovely.

    After reading your descriptions though, I think it's edged out by Rosemary Sophia...I like that then you're giving her a special name from both sides of your family.
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    I love Rosemary too! I voted for Rosemary Sophia, but how would you feel about using 2 middle names? Rosemary Sophia Madeleine would be nice too

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    DH likes Rosemary Sophia best as well. He's been holding out for me to agree lol.

    I like the idea of two middle names but I don't know that I'd want to give 1 child two middles and the next child only 1, y'know?
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    Rosemary Sophia is beautiful. My favorite by far.
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