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    Yup, I'm with you. Though I'm not sure I always want them to be babies. Sometimes having a full fledged person spring from my head (akin to how the goddess Athena was born) would be very convent.
    Expecting Our First.....
    DH doesn't want to discuss names until
    we know if it's a boy or girl. GRRRRR ARGH!

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    I'm really glad to see I'm not the only one!
    My Favorites:

    Colette Leona. Alice Evanna. Mabel Verity. Aurelia Esme. Rosalie Raine.

    Jack Jeffrey. Carson Luke. Felix James. Leo Patrick. Axel White.


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    I used to, but not as frequently. A summer or two ago, I was dyiiiiing to be done with high school, get married and have six children. Sometimes though, a name- like Rosalind- comes a long and I just wish I had a little girl to dress up in pink bows.
    My sister has been baby crazy- especially when we're out window shopping and she see's onsies. She once found a onsie that said "Future Reader", and bought it, saying she would save it for a future baby.

    Top Girls: Under Construction

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