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    People may make some assumptions, but who really cares? I think it would be a little strange if you had taken your husband's name, but this almost seems like a way to honor your decision.
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    I think it's okay if it's the right choice for your family. Personally, I wouldn't want my children to have different surnames. I'm married, but haven't taken my husband's name. We've decided our children will have his surname (no hyphens or anything). However, I think it's a fine choice if you and your husband are both happy with the idea! I don't think the assumption that others will think your children aren't full siblings really matters. Sometimes people assume my husband and I aren't married, but that doesn't make us any less married.
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    I think that it depends on if you care whether or not people assume your children are half-siblings or not. Because I think nearly everyone would. But I think if you don't care its nice to honor both sides of the family by mixing up the last names.

    The nice thing is that when they go to school teachers and such won't have any automatic assumptions about one based on the other. Especially if they have really different strengths.
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    I'm going to do it with this child I'm pregnant with if it's a girl, just because his last name sounds bad with the only girl contender and mine sounds lovely. Like others said, some people may make assumptions, but it probably won't have much impact on your everyday life. Your child most likely won't care as long as you raise them to be proud of their name, from my experience. I only share a last name with one of my five siblings and no one ever cared. So I say if your husband's on board, do it.
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    I think if you're only doing because you can't think of any other names you like that work with that surname, it is a little weird. I'm an only child, but I wouldn't want to have a different surname from my full sibling unless it was for some other, more rational reason. Just my thoughts.
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