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Thread: It's Your Life!

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    It's Your Life!

    1. You're eighteen and have just started university. What is your name and what do you want to be when you graduate?

    2. While you're there you meet a guy who seems perfect for you. What's his name and what is he studying to be?

    3. You graduate together and decide to get a place together. Where do you move to?

    4. You've been living together for four months when you find out you're pregnant. You're ecstatic. You give birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her first name is the name of a bird and her middle name is your favourite name.

    5. When she is two months old your boyfriend proposes and you say yes! Where do you get married and where do you honeymoon?

    6. When your daughter is three you find out you're pregnant again. This time it's a boy! His first name begins with J and his middle name is after your husband.

    7. You take time off work to look after him but when he is six months old your husband loses his job. You decide that your husband will look after the children and you will try and find work but you can't find a job. You get depressed and become an alcoholic. When your daughter is five and your son is two you find out you're pregnant again. When you find out, you get help and stop drinking. You have a beautiful baby girl. Her first name is an old fashioned name and her middle name starts with an M.

    8. When your children are seven, four and two, your husband gets a new job. Your life seems to be going perfect and then one day you find out you're pregnant again! You have a baby boy his initials are BMW.

    9. Five years later and you are 35. Your children are twelve, nine, seven and five. You decide you want to adopt a child with special needs. You adopt a little girl with cerebral palsy. Her first name is the name of a season, a day or a month and her middle name is the name of a flower.

    10. When your children are fifteen, twelve, ten, eight and three, your eldest daughter tells you she is pregnant. She has a little girl. Her first name begins with B and her middle name is the name of a jewel.

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    Me: Elinor Elizabeth Skerry
    BF: Brian Marshall Mulloy

    Elinor's future profession: Teacher
    Brian's future profession: Actor

    Location: Glendale, Arizona

    DD: Wren Erica Mulloy (15)
    ~DD: Braeli Emerald Mulloy (nb)
    DS: Jaidon Brian Mulloy (12)
    DD: Mary-Margaret Mulloy (10)
    DS: Bentley Mark William Mulloy (8)
    DD: April Acacia Mulloy (3)
    Emmy, Erica, Rydel, Maia, Georgia, Finley

    Keegan, Riker, Luke, Ryan, Ellington

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    1. Florence (Flo) Amelia, future profession: doctor
    2. Alexander (Alec) Thomas, future profession: teacher
    3. Move to Scotland
    4. Robyn (Ro) Hazel
    5. Honeymoon in Venice
    6. Jasper (Jay) Thomas
    7. Clara May
    8. Brook Matthew William
    9. June Ivy
    10. Beatrix Pearl

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