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    CAF using Full Names or Initials

    For each family member, you can either use the initials provided, or the combos listed.
    Thank you to whoever started the CAFs using full name choices, because I got excited and inspired to make my own.
    Surname: Armani Kelvin Stephen Kipling Chaplin Blynn Willis Vallen Fallon Charter Miles
    Mom: Sylvia Florence .. Lydia Nicolette .. Emily Florence .. Julia Frances .. Abigail Eve

    I F G .. J M I .. P N A

    Dad: Jonathan Lucas .. Peter Samuel .. Stevan Elliot .. Everett Josiah .. Simon Alexander

    O L M .. I B F .. V T E

    Daughter: Jacqueline Ruby .. Joanna Mavis .. Elena Ruth .. Dominique Oriana . Demi Lou

    W Q I .. F P I .. R Y I

    Son: Isaac Raphael .. Ian Gabriel .. Marshall Ian .. Raphael Santiago .. Charles Owen

    I O E .. O E A .. H U H

    Daughter: Scarlett Eloise . Samantha Evelyn . Margaret Lucille. Eleanor Iris .. Isabel Judith

    Z C V or J Y E

    Son: Octavian Santos . Matthias Edmund . Malachi Luther . Malachi Reuben .. Timothy Nigel

    U I L or Q X U

    Pet(s): Venice .. Otto .. Calvin .. Cash .. Darwin .. Dante .. January .. Normandy .. Livi
    Girls: Abigail Asa Aura Adria Asha Bryn Blythe Britta Cambria Caitlin Carmen Dakota Devany Dorothy Emelle Evienne Eva Emily Etienne Felicity Fabienne Giovanna Holland Judith Jessica Jada Janice Kenna Lexa Libby Lorelai Lydia Melody Micah Nadia Nova Sky Yasmin Zara

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    Mom: Emily Florence Blynn
    Dad: Simon Alexander Blynn
    Daughter: Felicity Petra Blynn
    Son: Charles Owen Blynn
    Daughter: Margaret Lucille Blynn
    Son: Timothy Nigel Blynn

    Pet: January (cat)

    Simon & Emily with Felicity, Charles, Margaret, & Timothy

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    LN: Chaplin

    DW: Abigail Eve
    DH: Everett Josiah

    DD: Joanna Mavis
    DS: Isaac Raphael
    DD: Margaret Lucille
    DS: Timothy Nigel

    Dcat: January

    Abby and Everett and their kids, Anna, Isaac, Molly and Tim.

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    Lilia Nightingale Timothea Claire Poesi Martine •• Augustus Rhythm Bastien Vincent Gaspard Martinius

    Agnes ~ Clara ~ Esther ~ Signe
    Angus ~ Graham ~ Johan ~ Vincent

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    Name obsessed teenberry

    Girl names: Arya, Alexandria, Annabelle, Samantha, Piper, Nova, Luna, Penny, Rosemary and more
    Boy names: Nico, Percy, Robin, Jason, Jeremy, Adrian, Christian, Lucas, Jasper, Alec, Sam and more
    Guilty pleasure: Eowyn and Hiccup

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