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    Mar 2013
    Location: Abergavenny, Wales

    How the family makes a living?: Puddlemere United Keeper & Quidditch Commentator

    Spouse 1: Barnabas Ambrose Creswell-Slytherin, halfblood
    Spouse 2: Grier Druella (McDougal) Creswell- Hufflepuff, muggleborn

    DS: Oswald Ignatius- Gryffindor
    DD: Gwendolyn Verity- Hufflepuff
    DS: Dexter Cyprian- Gryffindor
    DS: Alasdair Fergus- Ravenclaw
    DD: Rosalind Hestia- Ravenclaw
    DD: Greta Yvonne- Gryffindor
    DD: Emmeline Rowena- Ravenclaw

    DO: Zeus, the family's Great Gray owl
    Zoë Frances. Stella Carmina. Violet Emilia. Eden Colette. Lily Kathleen.
    Miles Theodore. Calvin Giovanni. Sebastian Wilder. Oscar Nathaniel. Isaac Everett

    (Giovanni and Carmina may seem out of place but they're family names)

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    Abergavenny, Wales
    As remedial Apparition instructors
    Ravenclaw and Slytherin (mom and dad)
    Spouse 1 is a half-blood, while Spouse 2 is a pure-blood.

    Spouse 1: Casper Deverill
    Spouse 2: Astoria mn Mockridge

    Boy: Emeric Amos (Ravenclaw)
    Boy: Angus Walden. (Hufflepuff)
    Girl: Beatrix Honoria (Slytherin)
    Boy: Rufus Owen (Slytherin)
    Twins: Elias Quentin & Andromeda Alice (Ravenclaw)
    Boy: Barnabus Everard (Hufflepuff)
    Girl: Rowena Perpetua (Ravenclaw)

    Owl: Solomon
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    Live in: Abergavenny, Wales
    LN: Nott

    DW: Arabella Daphne nee Kneen [Ancient Runes Professor] {Gryffindor} <Pureblood>
    DH: Elias Cedric [Charms Professor] {Gryffindor} <Pureblood>

    DD: Gwendolyn Phyllida (17) {Slytherin}
    DS: Lachlan Oliver (17) {Slytherin}
    DD: Agatha Poppy (16) {Gryffindor}
    DD: Beatrix Luna (15) {Ravenclaw}
    DD: Araminta Lily (14) {Ravenclaw}
    DD: Molly Rosalind (13) {Gryffindor}
    DS: Zacharias Colin (13) {Gryffindor}
    DD: Astoria Penelope (12) {Gryffindor}
    DS: Lysander Graham (11) {Ravenclaw}

    Owl: Halcyone

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    The Viridian Family of Godric's Hollow, England

    DH: [50] Oden Phoebus Viridian → Half-blood → Hufflepuff
    DW: [48] Heloise Galatea Viridian {née Robins} → Pure-blood → Slytherin
    Occupation: Selling valuable magical artifacts on the black market.

    DS: [17] Amos Oliver Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [17] Helena Apolline Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [16] Isla Dilys Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [16] Maisie Belvina Viridian → Slytherin
    DS: [15] Dexter Ambrosius Viridan "Dex" → Hufflepuff
    DD: [15] Luna Beatrix Viridian → Ravenclaw
    DS: [14] Harold Alasdair Viridian "Harry" → Gryffindor
    DS: [14] Miles Anthony Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [13] Alice Rosalind Viridian → Ravenclaw
    DD: [13] Augustus George Viridian "Gus" → Hufflepuff
    DS: [12] Lorcan Albus Viridian → Gryffindor
    DS: [11] Archibald William Viridian "Archie" → Gryffindor
    Owl: Minerva

    Oden & Heloise with their 12 children: Amos, Helena, Isla, Dex, Harry, Miles, Alice, Gus, Lorcan, Archie, and their owl Minerva.
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    Midwest, USA
    The Nott Family of Little Hangleton, England.

    DH: Henry Orion Nott (Slytherin, Pureblood)
    DW: Elena Lydia Ackerly (Hufflepuff, Halfblood)

    Occupation: Editors @ Transfiguration Today

    1. DS: Roderick Oliver Nott, Hufflepuff
    2. DD: Agatha Minerva Nott, Slytherin
    3. DD: Victoria Beatrix Nott, Gryffindor
    4. DS: Gulliver Owen Nott, Hufflepuff (twin)
    5. DD: Augusta Lucretia Nott, Ravenclaw (twin)
    6: DD: Hestia Eloise Nott, Hufflepuff
    7. DD: Astoria Pomona Nott, Hufflepuff
    8. DS: Lysander Oakden Nott, Slytherin

    Owl: Cagney

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