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    Quote Originally Posted by sodallas3 View Post
    I recently read the poem Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and it seems like such a gorgeous piece of writing that it made me reconsider Evangeline; but I've liked Angelina for a long time too. Which do you prefer?
    Och, how was it?! I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of Evangeline for probably over 10 years now! I don't suppose it would be that hard to get a hold of, lol, but I really am not that into poetry, and ONLY want to buy Evangeline, not a whole book of poetry by Longfellow or something. That's the main appeal of Evangeline for me, as well (besides the religious connotations!). I think Evangeline is lovely--it by far gets my vote! I do like Angelina, but nowhere near as much as Evangeline. I can't help but think of Angelina Jolie and Angelina Ballerina with Angelina. :/ Still a beautiful name, though!
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    I am really not a fan of either. I really don't care for Angelina. It is a little too Ballerina for me. Plus, I dislike Angie which could happen. Evangeline is a little better but not my style either.

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    I'm not a fan of Evangeline. It's a bit harsh. Angelina is beautiful, and I love the nn Angie!

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    I dislike Evangeline a lot because of the strong religious connotations with evangelicals and such. Angelina isn't my thing, either, what with the celebrity connection, but I still prefer it.

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    I love Evangeline. Such a beautiful, exotic name. I know it's popular with Berries, but I have never heard it used in real life.

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