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    Thank for your opinions!
    @kala_way: I agree, but I don't think children will get more creative than turtle...It depends very much on a child though.
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    Sounds old-lady-ish to me.

    Makes me think of a musty, old-lady house, with green plants around, and a turtle crawling on the floor.

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    Sorry, I think it is wretched. I went to school with a Myrtle and she had so much trouble with her name. She was called Myrtle the Turtle and people talked about how horrible it was. As much as I don't care for super popular names, I would much rather be an Ella, Sophia, or Emily than a Myrtle. You have to think about the child.

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    Beyond the little kids teasing her about being a turtle you have to consider the fact that thanks to the Harry Potter reference any teenage girl would likely face countless moaning Myrtle jokes. No way would I ever do that to my child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    Myrtle rhymes with turtle. I honestly think that's why people are turned off by it.
    I just find the name quite ugly - along with some other names that seem to getting popular - Ethel, Mildred etc

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