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    I'm not usually a fan of surname/unisex names but I quite like Callaway! I think it would be easy to wear and the nn's Calla and Callie are clearly feminine! How about Callaway Eve? Hmm Callaway Jane

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    Callaway Shea rhymes. That seems odd to me. I think it needs a simple and short middle name. Anne, Rose, Grace, etc.

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    I like Callaway just fine although it does have a strong association to the brand in my mind. Calla is beautiful and a natural nn. I agree with pp who mentioned that Callaway seems different from the other names you like (Isla, Shea, etc) - I would just make sure you can think of future sibling names that you would be comfortable using. If you can think of a bunch (or if you think sisters Callaway and Isla, for example, would be fine) then I think it's a great fit for you.
    I don't like Callaway Shea because it rhymes.
    Callaway Louise
    Callaway Cecile
    Callaway Tess

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    Callaway is nice, to be honest I don't really see it on a boy very well.. Calla is just so frilly it outdoes the surname feel that seems to make names feel more masculine. Or at least in my opinion. Now its not a name I'd personally use, but I can imagine it cute on another person's baby! And I think Calla or Callie are both lovely options. If your worried of criticism you could stick to Calla? <3

    Callaway Anne
    Callaway Isolde
    Callaway Harmony
    Callaway Georgia
    Callaway Geneva
    Callaway Sophie
    Callaway Beth
    Callaway Joanne
    Callaway Violet
    Callaway Maisie
    Callaway Naomi
    Callaway Vera
    Callaway Story
    Callaway Sonnet

    I like Carys, but when I brought it up to family everyone thought I said Paris so I guess that threw me off. Guess it depends if that'd bother you hehe Its lovely though <3 <3

    Isla is soo beautiful. I also really like Shea!! I met a little boy named Shea at work before, but I like it better on a girl. Beautiful.

    I hope this helps!

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    I don't mind Callaway although the spelling looks a little off to me, as I'm more familiar with Calloway. The nickname Calla is lovely, have you considered using that on its own? I also like Calanthe, Calantha and Calliope as longer ways to get to Calla.
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