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Thread: Sabine

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    What are your thoughts on the the name Sabine, pronounced Sa-bean? Nick-name ideas, middle names?

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    I adore Sabine. The only one I've ever known was a bookish, serious little girl with a glossy brown bob and wire-rimmed glasses. Perfect!

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    I love the name Sabine! I also am a huge fan of Savina, which I believe is a variant (could be wrong). They're both vintage chic, with just the right amount of familiarity... you feel like you've heard them before, so they're not completely foreign, but you probably don't know more than one.
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    I LOVE Sabine. I used to be friends with a S a b i n e M a n o n. She is the only Sabine I've heard of.
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    Sabine is lovely, although I prefer more frilly Sabina.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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