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    I would definitely use it. It's a great name and the thought of the celebrity baby will soon fade fast.

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    I've been wondering how many people this has happened to. Since it's not your first name choice I wouldn't even think twice about it!
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    Ditto everyone else. You're using it in the middle and it has meaning. Go for it.
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    It's a meaningful name for you, so I'd still use it. I actually don't think North West will fade that quickly, as it's a particularly bad name... but I also think North is still usable... unless your surname is West, East, South, etc.
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    A baby girl cannot ruin a name. North is meaningful to you, and you should definitely still use it. Little North West's name has been thoroughly ridiculed at this point, and I highly doubt that North will skyrocket like Violet or Harper did.
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