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    Yep, what everyone else said! Nameberry is definitely my sharing forum. If I end up conceiving #3, the berries would probably even find out before my husband!! well, a close second anyway!
    But I never share names in real life. Even middle names. People have made the assumption that if we have a girl the middle name will be my MIL as our other daughter's middle name is my mum's. But I refuse to even confirm that! And it's not because I think someone will "steal" it, it's simply that people are so judgey judges that I couldn't stand people poo pooing my name ideas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    haha, no, not really. [. . .] But I'm not terribly worried, no. Mainly because the chances that a future hypothetical husband would actually LOVE one of my exact combos are pretty rare, so I'm trying not to get terribly attached, anyway.
    I completely agree with Ashley! Most of the classic, family-heirloom type names that I have loved for years are now coming back into style under the guise of vintagey-chic-hipster, so there's not much I can do, anyways. I'm much more worried about my future DH saying no to everything and having to start from scratch

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    No, I think some of the names I like are not really many people's style. However, a few years ago, my friend was pregnant and ended up having a boy. She had been posting on a pregnancy message board and before she knew the sex, had shared her girl name (fn was pretty uncommon). Another girl had a daughter a little while later and changed the name at the last minute to the exact fn/mn combination my friend had decided on if her son had been a girl. It would obviously be way more annoying if it happened in real life, but I just thought that was odd when she told me.
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    @tct1219- that is very strange how she came up with the exact same combo or did your tell her the name and she used it? If not that is just a freaky coincidence!
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    While I think I have amazing favourite combos, I know most people don't "get them". I couldn't care less if someone used the names I love- I'm not so possessive to think I should keep my favourites under lock and key. Plus, it's not like I'm going to use all my favourites anyway. I've never strived for originality in my names, so when I see them repeated, I'm more excited someone else likes it, rather than disappointed.

    That being said, I don't usually share my favourites in 'real life' because I know one person who'd be supportive of all of them, and everyone else would have nothing positive to say. Seeing as I'm not having a baby right now, I don't care to invite that kind of negativity in to my enjoyment of names as a hobby.
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