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    Question Due Saturday - Sister for Avery? Help!

    I'm due with a little girl - she could come any day. I have a 3yo daughter named Avery. We have a long Austrian last name - Muehlegger. I come from a huge family, and am trying not to repeat any names, but I need a name for this little girl.

    Her mn will be Rose after her great- grandmother.

    Which of these names do you like best?

    Other great ideas?

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    I like Natalia Rose with your last name, but I think something less flowy like Lauren matches best with Avery.

    Maybe Eliza?

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    With a tomboyish name like Avery, I prefer Olive to Olivia. But out of your list, disregarding the sib name, I like Natalie the best
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    I think Olivia matches well with Avery, but I also love the suggested name Eliza Rose! Cute, modern yet timeless, and sounds great with Avery.

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