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    Can't find THE Name!

    I'm getting so frustrated this time around. I'm almost getting depressed about it. Not feeling any pressure from anybody, really, except maybe myself...but NOTHING is standing out to me! I think I need to take a break. We are due with our second boy in I have a little time.

    Our last name is Bradley. Family names we'd like to honor, most likely as middle names are: Edward, Miller, Christopher, Allen, David, Ryan. My husband and I are both teachers and have many associations with names...which makes this all that much harder!

    Names we sort of narrowed it down to so far are Eli Miller ( I also like Eli Ryan, but husband is not a fan), Kellen Edward and Booker Allen. I'm not IN LOVE with any of them! Eli Miller doesn't flow with our last name to me. Kellen just doesn't sound right with big brother Hudson and my one hang up with Booker was confirmed when I asked my 2 1/2 year old to say some names and he said "boo (stopped abruptly) ewwwww"...thinking I had asked him to say booger.

    I don't ming alliteration, tend to favor two-syllable names as well as surnames.

    Other names that have been on our list:
    Twain, Brooks, Sawyer, Turner
    I know! It's a rather short list...but this is tough!

    Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    Eli Miller sounds great! I like Eli Christopher and Eli David too.

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    Does Elias work a bit better than Eli, maybe? You could always call him Eli as a nn if Elias were chosen.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Eli has sort of been my favorite...I think Eli and Hudson go well, but it just seemed choppy to me with Miller...Bradley. I don't know. Gotta try it out a bit I guess.

    Can you guys think of any other names that might fit our "style"...if we have one...?

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