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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    Odessa and Alessia are way too close for me but other than that, it's a gorgeous set.
    I'm in agreement. I love Ophelia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyliterature View Post
    I'm in agreement. I love Ophelia.
    I am also a big fan of Ophelia...
    Odessa and Alessia are too similar for me as well.

    Odessa, Ophelia, and Odette? Maybe...
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    I like the names individually, but they're odd together. Odessa and Ophelia share an initial, and Odessa and Alessia nearly rhyme. The three names manage to sound too matchy while also clashing, which isn't an easy task. Great names, but not for triplets.

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    Cute. Alessia and Odessa are too close, though.

    I saw triplets on a television program and their names were Freddie, Freya and India. I thought they were a cute sibset, too!
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