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Thread: Roland

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    .1) What do you think of it? - I find it very handsome. Not a name I would use myself, but it's refreshing and masculine. I love your personal connections.
    2) Any good nn ideas? Would you use a nn or just the full name? - You can use Ron because Roland is similar to Ronald, though not outdated. Harry Potter connection makes Ron sound cool again. Roo or Andy are less predictable but also cute. Personally, I am a nickname fan, but you always can use his full name.
    3) Any associations with it? - It makes me think of Roland Leighton, a poet. I also remember there was something with knighty feel about this name...

    I suggest considering Orlando. The same letters in the other order and you can honor your relative without using his exact name. But honestly, if I had to choose between Orlando and Roland, I would be stuck!
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    Roland is a great name! I like the suggestion of Ro as a nn to mix things up a bit, especially when he is a younger kid, but the name stands well all by itself. In regards to associations I have, I feel like it was on a TV show or in a book that I read...but I just can't quite figure it out. I will ponder it.

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    I like Roland! My uncle's name was Roland, and it definitely has French history. Another option is Ronan.
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    Love Roland. It was on my list, along with Italian version Orlando. My association is Charlemagne's military leader, very popular in Medieval and Renaissance poetry, such as Chanson de Roland, Orlando Innamotaro and Orlando Furioso.
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    I love Roland too, and I think the nn Ro would work well. Short and strong with "o"

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