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Thread: Brock Wallace?

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    Brock Wallace?

    What are your thoughts on the name Brock Wallace?

    Would what Brock rhymes with matter much to you?

    Also, what do you think of the flow of Brock with Houghman? So Brock Houghman ("hoff-man")? Does the fact that the -CK and the HOFF- sounds don't flow all that easily together matter much?

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    I do think Brock Houghman does sound sort of sing-songy, but its a pleasant sound and not "rhyming" or too tongue twisting. (Like William Tillman or something) . Brock Wallace sounds classy and ages well, good luck!
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    Brock Wallace sounds handsome. Though I should warn you I have a friend name Brock and he gets the 'Broccoli' teasing all the time. Not a deal breaker but it sometimes annoys him.
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    Brock isn't my style name, but I really like Wallace, and i think the combo sounds good.
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    Brock and Wallace sound ok together, but just seem like such different styles...
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