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    Malcolm or Malachy? - Definitely Malcolm!!
    Linus or Silas? - Too hard to choose. I love them equally. My daughter's name is Sylvia, so I can't use Silas and Linus is in my top 2 for my boy due in August.
    Vincent or Evander? - Vincent
    Ozias or Ossian (pronounce o-sheen) ? - Neither
    Ignatius or Cosmas? - Ignatius
    Valen or Valente ( VAL-EN-TAY)? - Valen
    Pryor/Prior or Peter ? - Peter
    Abram or Remi/Remy? - Abram
    Desmond or Sullivan? - Desmond (This was on my short list.)
    Lawrence or Lawson? - Lawrence
    Luther or Lewis? - Lewis, but I love both!
    Roman or Mercer? Roman
    Felipe or Matvey? - Eh, neither
    Mom to Sylvia Caron (May '09) and Linus Roman (born 08.21.13)
    Other favorites:
    Ladies: Fiala Joan · Alma · Miriam · Claudia · Tabitha · Helena · Linnea · Vivian
    Gents: Felix Simon · Arthur · Malcolm · Desmond · Theodore · Jasper
    · Dexter · Phillip
    Guilty Pleasures: Lyric · Echo · Hero · Juno/Juniper · Lark · Wren · Fox · Zephyr · Vesper
    · Loki

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    Malachy -- I actually like this better than Malachi. It's just nicer and Malachy McCourt helped me like it too. ^_^
    Luther or Lewis -- Can I choose both? I LOVE them both!
    Mother, Hellenic Pagan Priestess, and Resident Greek name expert ^_^ Call me Dantea or Remy

    Kith nor Kin -- Chapter 30 and Epilogue is up. It's done!
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    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th 2013
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    Malcolm or Malachy? This is a toughy. I like both, but I think Malachy just wins
    Linus or Silas? Silas
    Vincent or Evander? Evander, but I really like Vincent too
    Ozias or Ossian (pronounce o-sheen)? Ozias. Ossian is going to go through life explaining how to pronounce his name, unless it's particularly common where you live?
    Ignatius or Cosmas? Ignatius
    Valen or Valente ( VAL-EN-TAY)? Valen
    Pryor/Prior or Peter ? Peter. By a long way.
    Abram or Remi/Remy? Abram to me is a stronger name
    Desmond or Sullivan? Desmond. I’m not keen on surname names
    Lawrence or Lawson? Lawrence
    Luther or Lewis? Lewis. I feel Luther is too strongly associated with Lex Luther
    Roman or Mercer? Not particularly keen on either, but Roman is better than Mercer.
    Felipe or Matvey? Felipe
    My Top 10 Girls Names: Astrid, Elara, Evelyn, Hannah, Hester, Lorna, Megan, Ophelia, Sylvia, Tabitha
    My Top 10 Boys Names: Alistair, Andrew, Graeme, Hamish, Leopold, Martin, Peter, Rupert, Tobias, William
    Guilty Pleasures: Athena, Aurelius, Damaris, Digory, Hermione, Isis, Phineas, Loki, Myrtle, Nymeria, Nyx, Orion

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    Roman is my favorite out of all of them...I am pretty ambivalent about everything else.

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