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Thread: Tessa

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    I really like Tessa and I suggest it to many people as a full name to consider. I think it's a cute NN for Esther though.

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    Contessa, nickname Tessa.

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    I would use just Tessa as the full name. It's a definite favorite of mine and doesn't need a full name to support it.

    Thessaly is beautiful, but it is more girly / frilly to me, while Tessa comes off as soft and fresh.

    Therese is pretty; I always pictured it on someone very exotic looking.

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    I am very French on my dad's side, so Therese is one I have considered. Thessaly is an interesting option that I hadn't thought of. It has a similar sound to Cecily, which I love. Not sure if SO will like it, but definitely one to bring up. Esther is also an interesting option, but I'm not sure I feel as inspired by that one.
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    I like Tessa as a full name!

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